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Deacon Gary Jones Jr.  serves as coordinator and lead for our FAITH umbrella ministries. For more information, please feel free to contact him.

​*Music: ​Through song, the music ministry strives to encourage the down-trodden, celebrate with the the thankful, and evangelize to the lost.  In addition to leading corporate worship settings, our music ministry also serves through other areas that allow ministry to take shape.  Groups include: The Eastside Acappella Chorus, Eastside Youth Chorus, and Eastside Children's Choir. 

*For more details, song clips, videos, or booking information - see the "Eastside Acappella Chorus" Page.*

​*Youth: Our children are an extremely important part of who we are and what we do.  Through our Youth Ministry, we provide classes, activities, and enrichment for our youth.  In addition to state, regional, and national youth conferences, our youth also engage in local activities as well. 

​*Technology: In addition to Audio / Visual coverage for the congregation, Our technology ministry facilitates online marketing, social media, and electronic evangelism efforts.  Responsibilities are not limited to, but do include: maintaining the church's website page, email accounts, Facebook account, and Twitter account.   

​*Worship:   Worship is big part of who we are and what we do. This ministry is tasked with the logistics and coordination of our corporate worship service times. Our Ushers and Greeters both are sub-ministries of this ministry. For more information, see Bro. Donald Barksdale or Deacon Gary Jones Jr. 

*Transportation:   Our Transportation Ministry coordinates both drivers and pick-ups for our weekly church van routes. This ministry also helps with logistical planning for congregational long-distance transportation needs for various events & ministries.